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Kitchen Sinks

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Kitchen Sinks Toronto

Are you looking to replacing your kitchen sink? Do you feel overwhelmed by the choices of kitchen sinks available in Toronto? We’ve got you. Choosing a kitchen sink and faucets that will work for your home and remain durable for many years can be a daunting task. One of the questions we always ask our clients is how they plan to use the kitchen sink. We’d love to get you a sink that not only adds beauty to your kitchen space but is also very practical.

Discover the options

Knowing what options you have is key to identifying what would work best for your kitchen. Kitchen sinks can be made from stainless steel, cast-iron and other composites. Stainless steel kitchen sinks are most common because they can withstand the constant pressure of daily use. Lower gauge stainless steel sinks are usually the most durable. It’s important to keep in mind that stainless steel sinks can be noisy. If this is an issue for you, opt for the modern sinks which have been designed with sound-absorption technology.

Perhaps you are a big baker and you need a kitchen sink that is big enough to fit your sheet pans. It could be that you have a large family and you need a sink that can accommodate the piles of dishes after every meal. May be you are looking for a kitchen sink that is easy to clean which we would recommend staying away from white enamel-coated sinks. Before you choose any model, you should evaluate your needs and lifestyle then find something that’s practical for you.

The pros and cons of different kitchen sinks

When comparing sink materials, you should choose the one that is most appropriate for today’s kitchen. A good example is the enamel-coated sink which is very easy to keep clean. The only major drawback with this type of sink is that it tends to scratch and wear overtime. It may not be an ideal option if you consider yourself a heavy user.

Composite sinks have become common in modern homes because they are very versatile in terms of the colors and types you can choose from. If you are remodeling your kitchen on a budget, this is probably an ideal kitchen type to choose from. But keep in mind that acrylic and polyester sinks may not be as durable as other options like enamel-coated sinks. If you opt for a drop-in sink, know that it can be slightly harder to clean compared to solid surface sinks.

Why choose us?

Before making the final decision, we suggest giving us a call and speaking to one of our experts regarding the type of sink that is most ideal for your kitchen. We have lots of options that you can browse through and select the one that’s right for your budget and needs. Our professional and friendly team will ensure your needs are quickly solved and you get to choose the perfect sink for your beautiful home.

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