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Duravit Happy D freestanding bathtub

Happy D

Other options:
Systems available: Air-System, Air-System with remote, Air-System with ozone,
Air-System with remote and ozone, Air-System with remote and light,
Air-System with remote, ozone and light
Optional features: Stereo transducers (speakers) for bathtubs and whirltubs


Sizes available: 63″ x 32,” 65″ x 32,” 71″ x 32″


Happy D. is such a versatile bathroom range. The D-shaped washbasin is unmistakable. Happy D. is to bathroom design what Bauhaus is to architecture: simple, elegant and timelessly modern — a veritable icon that has gained many friends and numerous design prizes since it was introduced. Designed by Sieger Design

Duravit is a leading supplier of bathroom ceramic, bathroom furniture, accessories, bathtub furniture and wellness ideas. Design is one of the key pillars of the company and the company has collaborated with a wide range of world reknowned designers including Sieger Design, Philippe Starck, Lord Norman Foster, Phoenix Design, Andreas Struppler, Prof. Frank Huster, EOOS, Jochen Schmiddem, Herbert Schultes, Christian Werner. Duravit has fused environmentally-friendly production technologies with the company’s meticulous quality control results in products that are highly functional and long-lasting. At Duravit, sustainable materials, modern expertise and the foresight to recognize what will be important tomorrow comprise the essential ingredients for beautiful – and responsible – living bathrooms.

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