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KOS Morphing Vasca freestanding bathtub

Morphing – Kos-1

Available as fully enclosed freestanding bathtub
Freestanding bathtub
Cristalplant® (natural mineral charges with polyester and acrylic polymers)

Shown in black
Also available in white or red exterior

59″ x 32″


A contemporary reinterpretation of the classic ‘bath tub on legs,’ the Morphing bathtub offers innovative aesthetics and comfortable ergonomics with a soft, velvety feel.

Zucchetti and Kos are intended for a design-oriented, cosmopolitan market. Their typical user prefers to choose what he wants in order to build his own, highly personal “domestic panorama”—his own “landscape of life”.

The home of today is an absolute value. It is the place that represents not only warmth, but personal taste as well; in other words, it is the direct expression of the quality of life, it is a place for rediscovering the pleasure of living and is open to the world. With their unique products, Zucchetti and Kos meet these needs. They offer new models for furnishing the home, while providing greater freedom for individual creativity.

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