Zucchetti Bath Faucets


Zucchetti. Kos products are designed to energize and enhance the room architecture where they are placed. The goal is to give a sense of well-being and clarity to the everyday aspects of domestic living.

The Zucchetti- Kos bathroom is a totally design-oriented, quality setting. It's the private area for excellence, where each of us enjoys the luxury of symbolically closing the door and devoting time to ourselves. This small, secluded paradise is a place where we can “decompress”, where elegant, yet simple shapes have a purifying capacity.

The bathroom as a wellness place dedicated to the care of oneself where the habit of a daily gesture becomes a subtle pleasure.

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Isy22 is the new collection of taps designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of the iconic Isy with a unique, essential, innovative and cutting-edge new system, enriched by unexpected contemporary finishes.

Isy was a revolution for the bathroom world, being an original system that spoke the language of simplicity, thanks to its formal immediacy and modularity, transforming traditional technical design methods into something fresh.
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