Tubco Escape Drop In Bathtub

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Tubco Escape Drop In Bathtub

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Product Code: W10799

Drop in installation
Dual armrests
72" x 36" x 21"
Shown as system tub, also available as a soaker tub

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Tubco tub models include :-

- Drop in bathtubs
- Alcove bathtubs
- Skirted bathtubs
- Oval tubs
- Rectangular tubs
- Whirlpool tubs
- Air tubs
- Corner bathtubs


Tubco Whirlpools Ltd. is a leading Canadian manufacturer of a full line of acrylic bathware and spas since 1988. Tubco is Canadian owned and operates its manufacturing plant out of Markham, Ontario, exporting goods nationally and worldwide.

With a varied and wide range of bathtubs, whirlpools, Therapeutic Air and combination bathtubs, Tubco continues to refine and set new standards in luxury and comfort bathing experience. An investment in a Tubco product has many benefits that will enhance the elegance of any decor for many years of enjoyment.

Tubco's reputation for high quality products offers the consumer several contemporary designssuperior in functionalitythat are pleasing to the eye. The uncompromising search for sleek innovative lines combined with the most technologically advanced components delivers value, quality and elegance that will suite your decorating style for years to come.

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