Zucchetti Pan bidet faucet

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Zucchetti Pan bidet faucet

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Product Code: W10885

Single hole bidet faucet
Solid brass

Zucchetti faucet models include :-

- Contemporary faucets
- Rain shower heads
- Shower systems
- Classic faucets
- Modern faucets
- Designer faucets


Zucchetti is a design oriented company.

Industrial design is an activity which does not derive from the creativity of one single person, but can only be achieved through collaboration among a group of people who combine the different skills necessary for accomplishment of a project.

As far back as the early 1970s, the need to work with celebrated designers was felt strongly, designers capable to read a project and to immerse in the complexity of industrial production.

Innovative, ground-breaking products were born and continue to be born from the style and creativity of some of the best designers on the international scene.

Zucchetti„ group of designers include: Giorgio Marianelli, Matteo Thun, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, William Sawaya, Raul Babieri, and Barbara Sordina.

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